Make a Noise: Piezos, Speakers and Amplifiers.

Give your projects some personality with sound! See how different types of speakers make sound as you build some noisy games. Learn the difference between speakers and buzzers and see what it takes to make your own oscillating circuit. Who knows you may want to make your own electronic synthesizer someday.

In this 4 week workshop participants will make a mini operation game, a mini dexterity game, and a two up game. The fourth and final game will include trouble shooting and playing our games and if time permits a free build using skills and components we have learned about in class. We will be teaching intermediate electronics and soldering. It will start with soldering a basic circuit and advance to soldering onto a circuit board by the final class.  This course is ideal for older students or younger students with experience soldering and working with electronics.  This course will involve soldering. Your child should have some experience in tool safety and/or be able to follow tool safety rules and procedures. Suggested age range is 8-13 Older children are welcome and will be encouraged to mentor younger children should they finish projects quickly.  Younger children could be admitted with an accompanying parent who is willing to assist their child.