Light It Up: LED’s

LED’s are one of the easiest and first electronics that a young roboticist learns to use. They can do all kinds of great things from simply lighting up something to flashing and strobe effects. They come in all kinds of colors and sizes and some can even change color on their own or send and receive infrared signals.

In this 4 week workshop participants will light up an LED studded wristband, make a color changing LED Litho cube and a Mini Mento-strobe light. The fourth and final day will include trouble shooting or tweaking our builds and if time permits a free build using skills and components we have learned about in class. We will be teaching simple circuits, battery basics, LED’s, introduction to electronics, integrating electronics into clothing and props and an introduction to the 555 timer. This course is ideal for older students who are beginners in electronics, or young electronics enthusiasts who just want to have a little fun. This course will involve soldering and hot glue gun use. Your child should have some experience in tool safety and/or be able to follow tool safety rules and procedures. Suggested age range is 8-13 Older children are welcome and will be encouraged to mentor younger children should they finish projects quickly.