Make it Move: Motors

Lets get it moving… Motors are an essential component in creating moving robots. Learn all about how motors can make your robots move. Learn how torque, mass, and acceleration will affect your robots movement speed, direction and control.

In this 4 week workshop participants will make vibra-bot catamarans,  a draw-bot,  line following-bot or a beetle-bot. The fourth and final day will include trouble shooting and playing with our bots and if time permits a free build using skills and components we have learned about in class. Classes will start with learning how to create a basic circuit then advance to beginning soldering and will end with a bot that will require some intermediate soldering and beginning programing. We will be teaching simple circuits, battery basics, mini motors, an introduction to soldering, electronics and robotics. This course is ideal for young students, beginners in electronics, or young robotics enthusiasts who just want to have a little fun. Suggested age range is 8-13 years old.