Maker Workshops

Wizzbangz Workshops

Our workshops consist of 4 progressively intensive classes that can be put on as a consecutive four day workshop or as a one day per week workshop spread out over one month.  Each workshop will also teach valuable skills and experience with common electronics tools.  Our workshops are geared toward children age 8-12 but can be easily modified for older groups. Our workshops include:

Zero to Maker series:

We offer several hands-on workshops that teach how to integrate common robotics components into fun and useful projects

Zero to Roboticist series:

We offer several hands-on workshops that teach the basics of robotics and will take your child from ground Zero to building and programing actual working robots.

Zero to Coder series:

We offer several hands-on workshops that teach “coding in the real world.” Each class will be filled with both learning code and lots of hands on fun. We feel that learning to code should be also be creative, so your child will create several items to “take home” with them when they complete the class.

Advanced Makers:

These classes and camps are perfect for students ages 10+

We offer project based workshops for the serious young tech enthusiasts. These classes move quickly and are geared for those with electronics experience. Prior experience should include working with: micro controllers, Arduino programing, soldering, other coding/programing.

We also have a Wiz Kid workshop that is perfect for younger children age 7-9 and a Little Wiz Kids workshop that is adapted to be suitable for children ages 4-6 that is the perfect introduction to electronics and  robotics. It is a hands on exploration of circuits, components, electricity mini robotics, and pre-programing that will have your young child buzzing.