Wiz kids: Technology edition

This is the perfect introduction to electronics and robotics, circuits, components, electricity mini robotics, and pre-programming. Your child will spend their time the first day learning about circuits with Squishy Circuits. This innovative way to teach circuitry to the very young was developed by AnnMarie Plosenberg Thomas Ph.D and the University of St. Thomas. It uses play-dough to create circuits and work with components. Little hands easily connect LED’s, Battery packs, Piezo buzzers and motors to their play-dough creations to light them up, make them spin, create sound and much more.

Day two will expand knowledge of circuits as they explore how various components work and interact with each other using Little bits a hands on modular learning tool that was created to help children create quickly and easily, opening the world of invention to them in an intuitive way.

Day three we will introduce the Makey-Makey created by Jay Silver and Eric Rosenbaum. With the Makey-Makey we will explore how to make music and games with this “invention kit” that turns everyday objects into touch pads. We will also introduce the programming platform Scratch developed by MIT to help teach programming to kids of all ages.

Our final day we will make the ever-popular bristle-bot using all of the creativity and robotics skills we have learned to make a micro-bot that spins and moves about all over the floor.

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