Wiz kids: Science edition

Our Science addition gives students a chance to have a super fun hands on exploration of several different Scientific disciplines.  We teach the methodology, and skills that will give students the confidence to experiment on their own.

Day one starts off by investigating the Chemistry of polymers as we examine the properties of silly putty and test home made polymers to see how they stack up to the kid favorite silly putty.

Day two we will delve into a bit of plant Biology as we learn about how plants convert sunlight into usable energy through photosynthesis. We will experiment with chromatography to expose the hidden pigments in leaves and make a motorized sunlight catcher.

Day three will find us looking at the Physics of toys inspired by Arvind Gupta’s Ted talk: Turning trash into toys for learning. We learn how toys can spin, fly, race, balance delight and inspire.

Our final day we will take a look how ecosystems work as we create our very own tabletop biosphere.

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