Spencer Thompson (Student aid)

Interests: I am interested in lots of things like board gaming, D&D and especially Magic the Gathering. I enjoy watching shows like Myth Busters on Netflix and Crash Course and Sci Show on Youtube. I Like reading lots of things but I like Fantasy and Science Fiction books the most.
Skills: My skills consist of soldering, lego robotics, scratch programing language and classroom management.
Favorite Wizzbangz class: My favorite classes are the ones where we are working with robotics. I like to program the robots because it is problem solving. I like the logic of it. My favorite part of working with kids is when they are having a hard time with something, then it just clicks and they see what they can do to fix the it. I like that I was able to help them get to that point.
Future goals: I am looking forward to dual enrolling in Santa Fe next year and learning how to Scuba Dive. I want to become a Deep Water Engineer making underwater equipment for marine research.

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Posted by Maker Faire Orlando on Saturday, September 12, 2015