Field Trips

Our Mobile Maker field trips are designed to accommodate 10 children on the Wizzbangz bus at one time. We set up five stations and have them rotate every 5 minutes. Once each child has been through each station (around 30 min total) we can take a new group of 10. We can accommodate up to 50 students  per visit.

The school is responsible for the children not on the bus, but we can lead a fun paper rocket build and launch activity they can do outside the bus. We charge $12 per child and require a minimum of 20 children (two groups of 10) for a field trip.

Inside the bus we will have various S.T.E.A.M activities teaching things like circuits, conductivity, 3d printing and rapid prototyping. If you are interested in a specific activity such as coding, robotics or micro-controllers we can tailor something for you