Dr. Jim Thompson

photoBefore receiving his Ph.D. in Molecular and Cellular Biology, Jim Thompson had a passion for engineering and electronics and received an automotive degree out of high school.

He currently teaches Anatomy & Physiology at Santa Fe College and continues to build electronics gadgets and robots with his children and anyone else who wants to learn.

He has been teaching sold out S.T.E.A.M classes and camps in Gainesville for close to two years at the Cade Museum and at the HRC and currently with Santa Fe College for Kids.

He has volunteered with youth organizations and nonprofits such as the Boy Scouts, Curiosity Hacked (Formerly Hacker-Scouts) Google Maker Camp and the Cade Museum.

Jim is the power house behind the creation of our mobile classroom. He has worked tirelessly to help Wizzbangz achieve it’s goal of having a mobile classroom and Maker/Hacker space. He loves a good challenge, to explore technology and create new things.

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