National Week of Making at the Alachua Co Library

I am just taking a rough guess but I think we had close to 300 visitors over the 5 Alachua County Library branches that we visited. A giant thank you to our hosts Alachua branch, Hawthorne branch, Library Headquarters, Library Partnership, and Cone Park! We made and launched rockets. We played STEAM board games and built beautiful sculptures with straws. We built, battled and took apart real robots with real tools. We built quad-copters and hovercrafts then took them for a test drive. We made electronic music with play-dough and played video games with spoons and forks. We did soooo many 3D printing demos! Happy National Week of Making everyone!!

Our Latest Event

Pop-up Makerspace at Gamesville Tabletop


We have had tons of requests to open up our offerings to adults, so we just had to create an opportunity for them to get in on the action too. We are happy to present our first Pop-up Makerspace event!

Who: Anyone 15 years and older (younger visitors must be accompanied by a parent.)

What: Pop-up Makerspace at Gamesville Tabletop

When: Wednesdays in November from 6pm-10pm starting Nov. 16th 2016

Where: Just outside the Gamesville Tabletop parking lot. Just look for the big yellow Wizzbangz bus.

Why: To promote making in our community and to support an amazing local treasure Gamesville Tabletop.

Pricing: $8 for an hour pass. Pass includes instruction, design consultation, access to CAD software, use of tools and machinery, your first 5g of 3D printing filament and free laser cutter stock (see price sheet for free items)

**Promotion: Your first hour pass is free with a Gamesville Tabletop purchase. Just show us your GTT receipt dated Nov. 16 2016.

Note: Pricing sheet for components, solder, 3D printing filament, and laser cutting stock etc. will be posted on the bus.

soldering_busWork bench and tool cabinets.Maker/Hacker booksinside of mobile classroomsfclubsidelitbus

Maker Faire Orlando 2016


We had a wonderful time at Maker Faire Orlando this year. We love the new location at the Central Florida Fairgrounds. All the new additions to the Faire were wonderful. Gainesville made a good showing between Wizzbangz and the Menagerie in Motion.
We had so many people making rockets and visiting our Mobile Maker bus it was very exciting.
We even had a visit from Maker Faire Orlando’s Social Media guru, Jen Vargas who took some pictures and did a live video tour that was posted on their Facebook page.
Our Junior helpers even made it so that we could visit some of the other makers booths this year.


Also there is this… for the second year in a row!!

Making In Action Summer Camp

We are so excited to announce our newest summer camp Making In Action June 20th-24th 9:00 a.m. – 3:00pm

This camp was created as a joint project in conjunction with Artisan Education’s Liz Greaser. She is a phenomenal educator and has been teaching classes and camps in the Gainesville area for close to three years and has been in the field of education for over 10 years. She has a wonderful blog that we avidly follow. It is great for finding wonderful information on how Montessori philosophies and the world of technology can intersect in the most creative ways.

Making in action is going to be a focused Maker Camp that looks at making through the lens of Digital Storytelling. It will be appealing to kiddos who have a story to tell! We will be teaching: Design thinking, backdrop and character creation, film editing, sewing, and, painting techniques that will help students learn to “make” as a way to tell a story.

Woo hoo! it’s new!


$175 per child  ($25 discount for BYO laptop.)

Minecraft_cube June 27th- July 1st 9am-Noon (This Camp is full)

Aug 8th-12 Noon-3pm. (Add to cart)

Ages 8-14 

We are happy to announce that we will be holding our camp at Gamesville Tabletop’s new location. 4401 NW 25th Place, Suite G Gainesville, FL. 32606

Minecraft: Inside and Out

Campers will…

  • explore ways we can interact with the real world through Mincraft.
  • learn about 3D scanning, printing and modeling and use them to create things in Minecraft and print them in the real world, scan real world items and place them into Minecraft and finally learn to 3D model for both.
  • work with the real world Modular electronics components LittleBits that interact both in-game and in the real world.
  • play in-game and physical engineering challenges,
  • craft make-n-take Minecraft activities.
  • learn tricks and tips to become a Mincraft pro while playing in a group LAN party.

Wizzbangz @ Maker Faire

I am finally getting around to posting our experience at Maker Faire. We had a wonderful time. We were so busy that we didn’t have time to take pictures, visit other booths or even take a breather but we got to meet some wonderful people.  The following are a few links to some of the articles we were featured in and hopefully you will be able to get a feel for our experience.

This is a pic of our Booth. We had a mat for integrating Legos, Tinker Toys and Zoobs using 3D printed universal connectors, We had a paper rocket making/launching station, a Curiosity Hacked DIY Laser Tag shooting gallery and tours of the Wizzbangz Mobile Makerspace.

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Posted by Maker Faire Orlando on Saturday, September 12, 2015


We had our Curiosity Hacked guild represented in with this great Laser Tag Shooting Gallery. Our guild created Arduino based laser tag guns and targets to use in the gallery. Scroll down and check out the links to see one of our guildies featured on the Makezine website.


My dear friend Amy Gove took this great shot of our Laser Tag Shooting Gallery

Click the following links to see more pics and info on what we did at Maker Faire Orlando

Day One of Maker Faire Orlando 2015

300 Reasons to Visit the Orlando Maker Faire This Weekend

Six Makers that are new to Maker Faire Orlando!

Gallery: Maker Faire Orlando Draws 15,000

Featured Exhibit: Wizzbangz S.T.E.A.M. with a Bang!

We are going to Maker Faire Orlando

When I opened my e-mail this evening, I was so excited to find an email from the folks over at Maker Faire. They we’re letting us know that they wrote a blog post about us and that we will be one of their “Featured Educator’s Picks” I geeked out for a little bit and ran over to my MIL’s house and pulled the blog post up and low and behold we were on the front page of the Maker Faire Orlando site. We are so honored!!! Click on over and check out their site and get all the info on how you can get in on this amazing event!!

If you are on the fence about driving all the way to Orlando to check it out, I thought I would share some pics of our time at Maker Faire Orlando last year. The kiddos had a ton of fun and are soooooo excited to go again this year.

maker_faire_slideshow (15)

The boys got to try on some serious cos-play gear!

maker_faire_slideshow (5)

More gear!

maker_faire_slideshow (6)

There was this amazing club that made robots There were a bunch of R2D2s but K9 from Doctor Who was Ben’s favorite.

maker_faire_slideshow (14)

They even let Lucas touch the R2 unit.

maker_faire_slideshow (3)

This is Andy Milluzzi our local Lego Mindstorms creator with some mad skills!

maker_faire_slideshow (4)

Andy let the boys get up close and personal with the Lego Mindstorms Ev3 Creeper. It might have been the highlight of JT’s visit!

maker_faire_slideshow (13)

This is the boys watching a local Florida maker and his CNC pancake maker. You draw a shape and then the pancake maker scans and reproduces it in pancake batter on an electric skillet.

maker_faire_slideshow (12)

Close up of the CNC Pancake maker. This exhibit was my favorite.

maker_faire_slideshow (2)

This was a set for the Dog Powered robots. they were walking the floor when we dropped by but their set inspired an impromptu Godzilla style photo shoot.

maker_faire_slideshow (11)

Oculus rift Skydiving. We didn’t get in line for this one but did try out the OR at another booth that was for a school that teaches video game design.

maker_faire_slideshow (9)

Life size Mario Cart!!

maker_faire_slideshow (16)

Snacking on ice-cream.

maker_faire_slideshow (8)

Lunch out on the deck.

maker_faire_slideshow (20)

We checked out some of the regularly scheduled Science Shows that are going on at the Science center.

Fun! with a Science Show



3D printing with the very young.

I recently did an experiment with my youngest son and 3D printing. We have taught 3D modeling for the last year or so for our “So You Want to Build a Robot” class at the Cade and with our campers last year at Maker Camp. Most of the kiddos we taught were around age 10 and up and I wondered how well our youngest kiddo (age 7) would do if I were to let him loose on Tinker Cad. Now he is as much of a digital native as a kiddo can be. He cut his teeth (not literally) on first gen Little Bits and spent the past few years running around under the feet of the Curiosity Hacked guildies as they learned how to solder and use micro controllers. He was totally unintimidated when he first saw the Lego Mindstorms Ev3 programing. He casually exclaimed “Ppfft… oh that is just like Scratch!” and proceeded to jump right in with out much help from me. He also hung out while we taught the Maker Camp class to use Thinker Cad even if he didn’t actually participate in the actual activity. I wouldn’t exactly call him a noob but he had never actually worked in Tinker Cad or had any formal instruction in how to use it. So when he came to me with an idea for a “Baby Smaug flash drive cover” I decided to see just what he could accomplish on Tinker Cad with little to no training.

The pics give a pretty good representation of his first foray into 3D printing. He had to have help opening his .STL file in Cura (for slicing his model to G-Code format) and getting the prints started, but he 3D modeled the little Dragon all on his own.


It fit his flash drive great with one little snag, it doesn’t work on the lap top well. In his words “It’s wings stick out too much and it doesn’t fit in the (USB) holder on the laptop.” It does work great on my Mac because the USB ports are on the back not on the side.


I am so excited to see his next iteration of his Baby Smaug Flash Drive Cover. It is sure to be even better than the original.


We are official!!


We are an official Maker Camp Affiliate again this year! Woohoo! Maker camp is full, but we will be keeping a wait list just in case we get any cancellations.