Our Latest Event

Pop-up Makerspace at Gamesville Tabletop


We have had tons of requests to open up our offerings to adults, so we just had to create an opportunity for them to get in on the action too. We are happy to present our first Pop-up Makerspace event!

Who: Anyone 15 years and older (younger visitors must be accompanied by a parent.)

What: Pop-up Makerspace at Gamesville Tabletop

When: Wednesdays in November from 6pm-10pm starting Nov. 16th 2016

Where: Just outside the Gamesville Tabletop parking lot. Just look for the big yellow Wizzbangz bus.

Why: To promote making in our community and to support an amazing local treasure Gamesville Tabletop.

Pricing: $8 for an hour pass. Pass includes instruction, design consultation, access to CAD software, use of tools and machinery, your first 5g of 3D printing filament and free laser cutter stock (see price sheet for free items)

**Promotion: Your first hour pass is free with a Gamesville Tabletop purchase. Just show us your GTT receipt dated Nov. 16 2016.

Note: Pricing sheet for components, solder, 3D printing filament, and laser cutting stock etc. will be posted on the bus.

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