We are going to Maker Faire Orlando

When I opened my e-mail this evening, I was so excited to find an email from the folks over at Maker Faire. They we’re letting us know that they wrote a blog post about us and that we will be one of their “Featured Educator’s Picks” I geeked out for a little bit and ran over to my MIL’s house and pulled the blog post up and low and behold we were on the front page of the Maker Faire Orlando site. We are so honored!!! Click on over and check out their site and get all the info on how you can get in on this amazing event!!

If you are on the fence about driving all the way to Orlando to check it out, I thought I would share some pics of our time at Maker Faire Orlando last year. The kiddos had a ton of fun and are soooooo excited to go again this year.

maker_faire_slideshow (15)

The boys got to try on some serious cos-play gear!

maker_faire_slideshow (5)

More gear!

maker_faire_slideshow (6)

There was this amazing club that made robots There were a bunch of R2D2s but K9 from Doctor Who was Ben’s favorite.

maker_faire_slideshow (14)

They even let Lucas touch the R2 unit.

maker_faire_slideshow (3)

This is Andy Milluzzi our local Lego Mindstorms creator with some mad skills!

maker_faire_slideshow (4)

Andy let the boys get up close and personal with the Lego Mindstorms Ev3 Creeper. It might have been the highlight of JT’s visit!

maker_faire_slideshow (13)

This is the boys watching a local Florida maker and his CNC pancake maker. You draw a shape and then the pancake maker scans and reproduces it in pancake batter on an electric skillet.

maker_faire_slideshow (12)

Close up of the CNC Pancake maker. This exhibit was my favorite.

maker_faire_slideshow (2)

This was a set for the Dog Powered robots. they were walking the floor when we dropped by but their set inspired an impromptu Godzilla style photo shoot.

maker_faire_slideshow (11)

Oculus rift Skydiving. We didn’t get in line for this one but did try out the OR at another booth that was for a school that teaches video game design.

maker_faire_slideshow (9)

Life size Mario Cart!!

maker_faire_slideshow (16)

Snacking on ice-cream.

maker_faire_slideshow (8)

Lunch out on the deck.

maker_faire_slideshow (20)

We checked out some of the regularly scheduled Science Shows that are going on at the Science center.

Fun! with a Science Show