Wizzbangz almost ready to roll.

mobile classroom

We don’t have this signage yet but this is the mock up of what we want. I did a photoshop overlay of it to give the sign company something visualize.

We are almost ready to roll out our mobile classroom and maker/hacker space. Check out our robots and past projects.

inside of mobile classroom

inside of mobile classroom

Work bench and tool cabinets.

Work bench and tool cabinets. If you think this is cool, just wait till we put in the 3D printers, light tables and the Roto Maak.

Chairs and cart

Chairs and cart are all secured down for safety when moving.

Maker library cart

Maker library cart rolls in and out of the lift so we can sill be accessible.

games and books about robotics

Plenty of S.T.E.A.M books and games for kiddos.

Maker/Hacker books

Lots of Maker/Hacker books for Bigger kids.


Lots of robots to work and play with… and more on their way. We are expecting a modular CNC draw bot any day now.

Project table

This is our past project table. When I got it loaded up I realized I still had a couple of other boxes that I hadn’t opened… Next time.

Close up of some of our projects.

Close up of some of our projects.